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About Master Photon™

Hello, I'm James Sale. I'm a third generation Central Oregonian and the owner of Master Photon™. I love art and design, and I make my full time living in the visual arts.  I blend my background in graphic design and my passion for photography to provide creative, bold and imaginative photography and design that stands out!  The image above is an example of photography that strikes the balance, not quite graphic design and not exactly traditional photography.  


Architectural Photography

James Sale is a Central Oregon-based architectural, interior and luxury real estate photographer. I let the space speak for itself by using mostly ambient exposures, I am able to retain a natural feel. I create images that I wouldn't have any problem imagining myself walking right into the scene. That's something that a builder or real estate agent as well as a potential home buyer will love to see.

Portrait Photography Redmond, Oregon


The best portraits capture the essence of the people you're photographing or convey a story about what the subjects are like or what they enjoy. I specialize in: on location portraits, (Bend, Redmond, Oregon) business head shots, and senior portraits at affordable rates. Contact me today to find out more or to schedule an appointment. 

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